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    Import Issues


      I tried to import photos straight from an SD Card and they do not show up in the import module. There is an icon that looks like it's trying to load, but nothing happens. I thought it might have been my card, so I uploaded all the files (.CR2 raw files, been editing for a year and a half and never encountered this problem) to my computer. They all show up in the folder, but Lightroom refuses to see them. This happened in Lightroom 5.3, so I installed the newest update, Lightroom CC 2015 - same problem carried over. It was working fine on Monday and all the photos showed up, but I stopped the import as I didn't feel like sorting through 2081 to find the keepers. I ended up deleting many straight off the card, so now there are 508 files. There are no XMP files in the folder or on my memory card. This is really frustrating as I don't want to spend twice the amount of time trying to deal with Photoshop, and also, I'm paying monthly to have LR if I can't upload any more files then what's the point! Below are some photos to help explain what is happening. I'm also using a PC with Windows 7. The photos show up in Photoshop without a problem, so something is definitely wrong with Lightroom.



      everything in the folder.PNGLR import.PNG