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    1.) Don't Shoot Auto Color Temp + 2.) Don't Shoot JPEGs

    Brian Stoppee Adobe Community Professional

      We're known for 2 strong photographic methodology opinions. 1.) Next to never use automatic color temperature. 2.) We have never met a freshly shot image which we cannot improve in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), so don't shoot JPEGs. This morning, we patiently waited for the light and fog to be just right on a farm scene in Orange, Virginia. We set our camera's color temperature to daylight. This captured the morning's "sweet light." If it were set to automatic this would look like 10:00a rather than 7:07a. So, since you know opinion #2, what did we do to this in ACR? Not much. But the light mood worked better at a color temperature of 5850K. Once we saw that we wanted to explore saturation a bit and liked +18. But at that point the textures seemed a little too soft so we made them pop with a contrast of +6. So, if you're shooting JPEGs and/or using automatic color temperature, you owe it to yourself to stop doing that a create better images.orange_farm.jpg

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          Yammer Level 4

          This post raises several points for me:


          1. What's an ACP, how are we supposed to know, and how does someone become one? There are a few unexplained acronyms floating about these forums.

          2. Who is "we" in the OP?

          3. We don't get many methodology discussions in here these days—mainly questions. It makes a nice change, but auto white balance and shooting JPEG seems to be pitched a bit low for this crowd.


          [edit: apparently, this explains the acronyms Join the experts. Out of interest, what Adobe technology are you an expert in Brian?]