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    tap and click

    ryan_pu Level 1

      I built my test with on click instead of touch thinking touch would still work (From what I read, the difference is a delay for a second click). When I got to test it on the device, my drag feature did not work with my finger.What do you normally prefer to use so that it is usable in touch and mouse environments?

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          ryan_pu Level 1

          ok, I discovered touch-punch. Looks like this is my answer.

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            ryan_pu Level 1

            Everywhere I look says touch punch is the right answer but I can't get it to work on this iPad 3. I just got the thing the other day so maybe I am missing something that is common knowledge with iOS. The other possibility is that I am using the web-based ftp transfer to my test site and maybe that is failing to update and I need to try from home.


            I read that jquery-ui 1.10 changed and I need to make a patch or override or something but not sure on that.

            I am using:

            jquery 2.1.1

            jquery-UI 1.11.4

            touch punch 0.2.3


            and here is my yepnope (I comented the switches so touch should always be on.):







                         complete: init



            function init() {

              sym.$('Protractor').draggable({cursor:"move"});//, disabled: true





                    //enable protractor tool, disable pencil tool

                    sym.$('Protractor').draggable({cursor:"move"});//, disabled: false

                    $state = 1;





                    //enable pencil tool, disable protractor tool

                    sym.$('Protractor').draggable({cursor:"move"});//,  disabled: true

                    $state = 0;


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              Peter Villevoye Adobe Community Professional

              I'm not very comfortable with these hand-scripted Touch actions, but maybe this tutorial of Adobe evangelist Paul Trani might shed some light on your question ? There's a Part 1 & 2, and even some stuff on his own website to download. Check it out !

              Drag and Drop in Edge Animate - YouTube

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                ryan_pu Level 1

                That was the tutorial I used but then added a switch to toggle on off. The problem ended up being I had the dev file loaded and was calling the min. Dobby Ironed his hands.