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    Translation/localization process

    TinaTechWriter2013 Level 1

      I apologize for starting another string, but I've search on 'translation' and 'localization' to find answers to my questions and have come up with nothing.So...


      We are localizing our online help project (Robohelp 11 compiled as RoboHTML) into several languages. When we did this several years ago, we just uploaded the entire project to the translation vendor and it came back localized.


      Apparently they no longer use RoboHelp, or even know what it is, so they want us JUST to send them the .HTM files. It seems though, that they would need more than that for the glossary, index and TOC. I can include the .glo, .hhc and index file - but is that enough?


      Does anyone have an actual process of doing this that they could share - that includes what files from the project need to be sent to the translation vendor?


      Thanks for any help you can give us.