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    Basic PC minimize screen controls are missing


      The controls on all PC programs for minimizing, closing and restoring the screen are missing in my Lightroom 5.7.1 program.  This happened just yesterday but I don't know if I did something to cause it.   I'm referring to the controls in the top right corner for all PC programs.  X for shut down, "-" for minimize and the square box for a custom or medium size.   They still exist in all other programs.  I don't see anything different in Lightroom except this basic control.   I have a PC running an Intel processer.   I've been using Lightroom for years and I installed this version when it came out last fall.   On the top left I still see the Lightroom controls such as File, Edit, Library, Photo, etc.  The result is that I can only shut down Lightroom by going to File and then clicking on exit.    How do I bring these controls back into view?   This is only in Lightroom.  If the cut and paste images works, these are the basic controls I'm looking for:


      This is what I see in Lightroom