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    Crashes 10 times a day

    Margaret Becker Level 1
      RoboHTML crashes every time when I select a bookmarked topic from the Project list and click Edit. If I select the topic parent name, it does not crash.

      RoboHTML crashes frequently when I open a topic.

      The error message for both of these situations includes "baseimage_release_u.dll" each time.

      Any suggestions?

      Margaret Becker
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          MergeThis Level 4
          Sounds like we're trying to work the project over the network, don't it, folks?

          If that's the case, Margaret, be advised that RH doesn't like it. If it isn't, give us more details about your RH type, version, your output, etc., so that we can work things out for you.

          Good luck,
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            ElisaFnord Level 2
            If you aren't working over the network, did you have admin privileges when you installed RoboHelp using your login ID? That's another requirement that can cause access problems.

            And just by the way, I think that any team that is trying to develop a cross between a rhino and a flamingo is a brave bunch!

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              Margaret Becker Level 1
              Nope. Nothing on the network... All local. I learned that lesson years ago.
              I do/did have administrator privileges always.
              RH 5.01 HTML
              Output to compiled HTML Help. (Although I can't see what this has to do with it.)
              XP Pro 2 All service packs.

              And... the Flamingos get very testy when approached by the Rhinos. :-D
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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                Hi all

                Margaret, there is one other possibility that comes to mind here. In the past we have seen issues with RoboHelp and video cards. Specifically nVidia cards. IIRC, the fix was to download a driver update for the card. I'm guessing this may be the case with you because the dll mentioned is baseimage_release_u. I'm seeing the "image" part and thinking video adapter here.

                Of course there is no guarantee I'm right or this will fix the issue, but it is probably worth a shot.

                Hmmm, Rhinos and Flamingoes. Would this be a Rhamingo? Or a Flaming Rhino? LOL, what sort of noise would a "Flaming Rhino" make, anyway? (In my "mind's ear" I'm hearing something along the lines of snagglepuss the cat)

                Cheers all... Rick
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                  Margaret Becker Level 1
                  Hmmm... I've got a Radeon X300 video card. I can try a new driver.

                  In case you really want to know: