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    Content Debuggers won't properly install


      Hi Maria,


      I'm writing to back up this post. There is something terribly wrong. I'm a Flex Engineer by profession, and I'm working in Flash daily. I've been writing and debugging Flash applications across every browser you've ever supported for almost 15 years.


      Currently, even your Content Debuggers won't properly install in either Firefox, Opera, or Chrome. Since July 15th, NPAPI, and PPAPI content debuggers don't even show up in the plugins list after they've been installed.


      I've been through the install logs, control panel, as well as the windows log, and there are no errors. The installation appears to be working as expected. Fire Fox, Chrome, and Opera browsers seem to be ignoring the plugin altogether.


      Flash engineering is currently the bulk of my work, and this is making it difficult to perform my job. Can you guys please get it together and support your biggest product!?. No offense, but Photoshop doesn't hold a candle to the amount of people using the Flash Player, so please, please, please Adobe put more effort into this.


      Thank you,