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    No text appears in signature appearance preview (Mac, Acrobat XI)

    JP Hackworth Level 1

      I've been helping set up a number of users with digital signatures, and encountered an oddity.  When configuring the signature appearance for one user, I noticed no text showed in the preview.  Only the Acrobat logo was visible, and toggling on and off different options (Name, Date, etc.) in the "configure text" section didn't seem to make a difference.


      On the off chance it was just a rendering issue with the preview, we tried signing a PDF anyway, but the appearance matched that of the preview: no text at all.  The user had Acrobat XI and Mac OS X Yosemite, but I believe other users have had this combination without incident.


      I haven't seen this with anyone else, and searches in the forum haven't turned up similar instances.  The properties of the signature appear otherwise normal (e.g. it validates properly).  Does anyone know what might cause this?