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    Why does the "face region" disappear


      Hi everyone,

      I am new to Lightroom 6 and have been trying the facial recognition features (one of the main reasons I upgraded from 4). Sometimes when LR6 doesn't find a face automatically, I manually draw it in using the "Draw Face Region" tool. However, sometimes I draw it in, but the new region doesn't stay assigned. For instance, I drew a region, typed in my name, and then moved to the next picture; when I came back, the region I had drawn was gone and my name was no longer in the keywords either. This doesn't happen all the time, just for some of the regions I drew, and sometimes when I draw in two regions, one "sticks" and one disappears. This only happens after I move away from a picture, then come back to it.

      Could it be that it takes some amount of time for LR6 to write the new region to the file or sidecar, and if I move away from the picture too quickly, the new region doesn't stick? I have tried to stay on the picture for 10 seconds after I draw the region and it seems to have lowered, but not eliminated, the incidence of this issue.

      Any help would be appreciated; I hate to do the same thing a few times because I know I'll miss something then!