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    Flashplayer 18 is installed on Win 7 and enabled in both browsers BUT does not work!


      I just updated to the newest Flashplayer 18 (without the added optional programs) for both IE and Firefox Browsers

      and the FP does not work!  FP is enabled in the browser!!!


      PC is OS Win 7 - 64 bit.


      I tried doing a clean install and still does not work.... No website recognizes that the program is installed... including your own troubleshooter.

      I sure hope you are sending out a new update that works....

      The last version 17 worked fine with 64 bit....
      I cannot do anything now on the net with this new version and
      yes I downloaded and installed the correct versions, according to what your website detected upon download and installation.


      Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows


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