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    ePub (fixed layout) export question


      When exporting a document from InDesign CC 2015 to ePub (fixed layout), my paragraph text winds up broken down word-by-word into <span>'s. Is there a way to fix this in the InDesign export so the paragraph flow is maintained?...or is this just the method in which InDesign codes a "Fixed" layout?


      I will be uploading the ePub to a 3rd party eReader platform and need the paragraph's intact and selectable in order for the "add note" and "highlight" functions to work properly.


      Here is an example of what happens when the text is selected:

      Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.38.42 PM.png

      I have a Paragraph Styles applied to the text and have mapped the style to <p> in the "Export Tagging" dialogue.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!