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    upgrade from lightroom 3 to lightroom 6

    mikeg55817052 Level 1

      Hi all, just purchased a new camera (D750) and discovered that my Lightroom 3 will not support RAW images for my D750. So I guess need to upgrade. My question is how much does it cost to upgrade from LR3 to LR6?  It's been several years since I purchased LR3 and all I can find are the CC upgrades. I would like to simply purchase another CD version of LR6. Does Adobe still sell them and if so, how much to upgrade?  Thanks for any help!  Mike

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Adobe sells a download upgrade to Lightroom 6 for $79 in the US. If you want to purchase the disc you will have to purchase from Amazon or some other reseller. The link to purchase the download is:


          Lightroom is near the bottom of the page. Click on the Buy button, Then click on the button in the left-hand box that is gray. Indicate that you want to purchase an upgrade and the price will change to $79.


          If you decide you want the disk, and purchase it from another reseller, you will be prompted immediately to update which will require that you download Lightroom 6.1 anyway. So, in my opinion, purchasing the disc doesn't really give you any advantage.

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