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    Adobe Indesign Package Overlay Asset folder?

    jseangeary Level 1

      I have noticed an unusual folder structure appearing lately when packaging Adobe Indesign CC 2014 projects. Normally, when any HTML Overlay Assets are included, they get packaged separate from "Links" in a folder called "Overlay Assets." These include custom HTML elements and/or .OAM elements from Edge Animate.


      Recently, when packaging InDesign projects, the following folder structure has been appearing: "Overlay Assets/Audio/..."

      Inside this "Audio" folder is 17 other "image..." folders containing repeated image assets from the InDesign project. As you can imagine, this significantly increases the size of the packaged assets when sharing with other team members. As well, these files don't seem to be dynamically linked in anyway to the original InDesign file.

      I have tried checking and unchecking several combinations of options when packaging, but do not understand why these files are being replicated.

      This has only been a problem since Adobe's upgrade to CC 2015 (which I am not using here).

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!