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    InDesign Tables


      Since upgrading to cc 2015, when scaling a table, the contents in the cells scale but the table framing itself does not. Is there a function which fixes this?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Exactly how are you scaling the table? Please be specific.


          It might be helpful to make a screen shot. Use the "camera" icon in the editor window to attach it to your response.

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            felix482 Level 1

            Hi Steve


            I’m using the ‘free transform’ tool which is what I usually do it I want to simply scale a table. Since it wasn’t working I also tried to use Object > Transform > Scale which has the same effect.


            Regarding the screen shot using the “camera” icon, where might I find this? Are you referring to the InDesign app? Or something in the form?

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You have to return to the forum website in your browser, and choose Reply to your message thread. In the editing window, you can see the "camera" icon to attach the screen capture.

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                felix482 Level 1

                Original Table



                Scaled Table Using Free Transform. Text enlarges but table framing remains. Text which has become too large for the cells is no longer visible.



                Never had this issue with previous versions.

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                  felix482 Level 1

                  You can see from the text frame the original size and the scaled size.


                  Thanks. Let me know if there is any other info that might help describe the issue.

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                    Obi-wan Kenobi Level 5



                    I'm going to sleep! Do you want to do this?! 


                    Capture d’écran 2015-07-24 à 02.40.30.png

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                      Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      You're correct. There is a change from CS6. I could replicate your result, and it didn't occur in CS6.


                      However, it's easy to get the text frame to fit after you scale: Select the frame with the Selection (black arrow) tool and choose Object > Fitting > Fit Frame to Content.


                      There have been a number of changes to tables in InDesign CC so something changed in the way they were implemented that caused that change.

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                        felix482 Level 1

                        Yes Obi, that is my desired result! How do you do that without manually enlarging each cell?

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                          felix482 Level 1

                          Steve, fitting the frame only shrunk the frame down to the size of the table. The content of the table remains the same:


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                            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            Sorry, I missed the overset cells. Now I see what you want.


                            I can do it in more than one step:


                            (1) Choose the Selection tool and scale the frame to the desired size:



                            InDesign CC012.png

                            SCALED FRAME:


                            InDesign CC013.png


                            Step 2: Choose the Type tool and move to the bottom right corner. Look for the diagonal double-headed arrow cursor and drag the cells wider and taller.



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                              felix482 Level 1

                              Thanks Steve, that seems to be a good work around.


                              Funny thing is if you Shitf-drag the frame and then use the type tool to shift drag the table, it won't end up with the same width. But if you just drag it out to the same width it will work anyway. Strange!


                              Thanks for your help though that is a lot easier than manually increasing each cell size!

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                                Bartattack Level 1

                                actually, I had the same problem. Tables don't scale like they did in the previous version (fonts don't scale with the table). But under preferences > General > object editing , I changed the option 'apply to content' to 'adjust scaling percentage'... and this solved it for me. Now it behaves like before. You can scale the whole table with it's contents, in one step.

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                                  felix482 Level 1

                                  Hi Bartattack. This actually works exactly the way I was implying! Thanks for the info.


                                  I think I might prefer this option for scaling objects in general. Will use for a while and see how it goes.

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                                    dmsduco Level 1

                                    Bartattack, you're solution is exactly what I was looking for.

                                    I temporarily turn the 'adjust scaling percentage' feature on to scale tables now. Then I revert the setting to 'apply to content'. Thanks!