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    Flash Player Installer : Download Manager Blank - SOLVED- July 2015

    crp5591 Level 1

      WE HAVE A WORKAROUND to this issue:


      Apparently, the Adobe engineers that popped into my computer and discovered the problem did not post the workaround to these forums


      So here it is:


      1. Right click on the downloaded installer

      2. Select the "General" tab

      3. At the very bottom, you will see a section called "Security" with the following text:

      "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer."

      4. Click the "UNBLOCK" button to the right of that text.

      5. Click "OK"

      6. Run the installer!!! 


      That's it!!!


      Somehow file permissions get mucked up for some people and this installer can;t cope with that.  Hopefully they will fix it soon.