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    Two SSDs, my LRCC plan. Comments?

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      I have re-read Ian Lyons' epic testing from 2011. I don't see anything in other reading about "LRCC" that changes the solution to the equation generating best speed of Lightroom: Image files on either internal of external Hard Drive. Program code, cache, previews all on an SSD.


      I have a 256Gig Samsung 840 SSD as C;\ drive with about 130Gig free. I sent the page file to a WD Black spinning HD on the motherboard controller to gain some of that. All 110,000 image files (and the catalog) are on an external (USB3) Western Digital MyBook Duo 2x4TB set up as RAID1


      I took advantage of a sale a while back and bought a Samsung 1TB SSD. Now want to put it in the Win7 Pro Ivy-Bridge engine production desktop (Yeah, I know... I am waiting for Skylake to drop and I'll buid again...).


      I seek feedback members have for this plan:

      >Leave the 256Gig drive running the OS. I worry that cloning my C drive to this big SSD will jinx my smooth-running system history. Am I wrong?

      >Re-install LRCC to a Program Folder to run on the new SSD. (Maybe not needed.)

      >Move catalog file to the big SSD

      >Re-assign all Previews (Cache, right?) to the new SSD. Right now they are on the boot SSD.

      >Maybe run Photoshop off this 1TD SSD also, for fastest possible transfer of images to PS for further post-process steps.

      >Scratch disk for Photoshop assigned to the big SSD.


      I anticipate a little speed-up, nothing real big. Mr. Lyons' testing makes this clear. Speeding up the appearance of a preview, jumping between tools on Develop, that kind of thing. Again, from the testing the processor speed (later this year going to Skylake) will deliver bigger gains.





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          Comment... Here's an interesting description of photographer Evan Kafka's experience in 2013, in which he points out the reference Ian Lyons made in 2011 to the gain in speed of interaction with Lightroom's SQLite database. So searches, scrolling, key moment-to-moment interactions are faster with a SSD. I am already using some SSD tech with LR but this adds nuance to the speed discussion. Speed is getting the job done... Including finding the RAW files.

          He also suggested assigning the Adobe Camera Raw cache to the same SSD. Cool.


          His very interesting comments here, on his blog:

          Put Your Huge Lightroom Catalog on an SSD » SensorSensibility