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    Best use of drives


      Hi I just booted a new computer that I built for editing.  I'm running win7 and using PP CC and Audition mostly.  Editing 50+ GB files- 3 at a time so a sequence will have 150+ GB of files loaded.


      The basic computer is an ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS dual xeon E5 2630 @2.4 ghz with 64 GB of ECC ram and an Nvidia 980 card for graphics.  It is housed in a server box with 20 hot swap trays.  My drives are as follows:

      1. Samsung 512 GB M.2 on the motherboard
      2. Revodrive 350   480 GB
      3. Areca 1883IX 16 port RAID Controller with the following sets:
        1. 4 @ Samsung 850 pro SSD 128 GB 6 GB/s in RAID 0
        2. 4 @ Velociraptor 500 GB 10K 6 GB/s drives in RAID 0
        3. 4 @ Toshiba 500 GB 6 GB/s 15K SAS drives in RAID 0
        4. 4 @ empty hot swap trays for further RAID expansion if needed
      4. 4 empty hot swap trays connected to single SATA 6 GB/s ports for data I/O and backup

      Looking for suggestions on how to optimize my drive usage.  I am finding some lag in screen updates when jumping across the timeline.  I've got 65+ hours of Medical/educational raw footage (3 HD cams per 1 hr sitting) to edit so I need this thing as efficient as possible.  As it is, just getting the footage off the snail drives onto a raid set is time intensive.  I'm retired and this is a volunteer project, but I won't LIVE FOREVER...


      My wife would appreciate anything that will speed up the process:\

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          RameezKhan Adobe Employee

          Hi Dave, 


          This post can be better answered in the Premiere Pro Hardware Forum


          However this can be helpful: Tweakers Page




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            RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

            option 1:

            m.2 for os/apps

            Revodrive 350 for cache

            samsung 850 pro ssd raid for media  ( swapping current project files to the raid )


            option 2:

            m.2 for os/apps

            samsung 850 pro ssd raid for cache

            large hdd raid 0, 5, or 6 to store all media  ( a large enough raid would avoid moving files around )


            im guessing all the media is too much to fit on any of your current raid setups, which means you would have to purchase several large hdd's to build a large enough raid for option 2.

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              JEShort01 Level 4



              I'm going to answer your question first and then will put some summary notes regarding how the cost of this pretty expensive beast could have been better targeting what you are trying to do here. This won't help you at all, but may help some others following this thread.


              You have lots of RAM, a very fast Areca controller, and two separate fast drive/arrays (Revodrive 350, 4x Samsung 850 SSD RAID 0) so here are some guidelines of things to try to get the best setup -- you will have to do some testing here as there are LOTs of variables with Windows, Adobe programs (cache, scratch, RAM allocation, etc.), and your various drive possibilities:

              - turn Windows drive indexing off for ALL drives and arrays

              - for all drives NOT on Areca controller: set drive device properties with "enable write caching" and "turn off windows write-cache buffer flushing" both checked

              - for both arrays on Areca controller with rotating drives: set drive device properties with "enable write caching" and "turn off windows write-cache buffer flushing" both checked

              - for 4x SSD array on Areca: disable write caching (Areca caching is enough)

              - explore Adobe memory setting: experiment with much larger settings for "RAM reserved for other applications" that Adobe's default (i.e. try 12GB or even 32GB); CC and Audition don't seem to care that much about having more than 32GB RAM for the application but Windows caching can sometimes do some good with it

              - use the rotating drive arrays for backups and storage

              - Set Control panel/Power Options setting to "high performance"


              Possible good allocation for drives - again this is "possible", you will need to benchmark various options to determine the "best" for your particular system:

              - Windows/windows cache/programs - Samsung M.2 (I'm assuming that this is already your boot drive)

              - media/projects files - Revo 350

              - scratch/cache files - 4x 850 pro array

              - media cache db files - Samsung M.2


              Another possibility:

              - media/projects file - 4x 850 pro array

              - scratch/cache/media cache db - Samsung M.2


              Better bang for the buck system for your intended purpose could have been:

              - i7-5960x on Asus x99 overclocked to 4.4 GHz (while 2x e5-2630 Xeons have lots of cores they simply don't have that high a clock speed)

              - GTX Titan X

              - single 256GB boot drive = Samsung 850 pro (Boot/OS/program files)

              - 4x Samsung 850 Pro 1TB SSDs RAID 0 on motherboard (ALL other files, including windows cache)

              - other drives for backup storage, etc.


              I love Areca controllers but using them for RAID 0 only is pretty much overkill. Their parity RAID arrays are very fast (RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 3) vs. any motherboard solution and protect against data loss for drive failures.





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                idav7 Level 1

                Thanks for the suggestions, I will try them.  Yes, I am discovering the

                wisdom of your "better bang for the buck" suggestions...