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    jerrrye30393694 Level 1

      I'm trying to render a project, but it gets to a certain frame and slows to a crawl and tries to render a MASSIVE file (7 gigabytes in 22 seconds) I've used after effects numerous times and I haven't had a problem before. I've found where the issue lies, but I can't fix it. The issue is in my text later (it's a lyric vide) I reset my settings. Used QuickTime, Avi, h.264, everything, but it never gets further than the first sentence. Then after effects spikes out my pc. What do I do?!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nobody can tell you anything without understanding the structure of your project. Provide screenshots with the relevant sections and properties revealed or provide the project itself.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The massive file size is probably a result of rendering to the default setting of lossless in the render cue. The project probably has something to do with the composition settings, the effects used, the size of the layers, or other things. It's impossible to make an educated guess because we know absolutely nothing about your project or your system except that you are having a problem.

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              jerrrye30393694 Level 1


              I've done projects just like this with out any issues. I have one light and three cameras. Most of the Pre Comps are just filled with animated text layers (Scale bounces and X-Axis Rotations).

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                What version of AE are you using (down to the last decimal point)?

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                  jerrrye30393694 Level 1

                  Adobe After Effects CC 2014 Version

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                    Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    You should consider updating. The latest version of AE CC 2014 is 13.2

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                      jerrrye30393694 Level 1

                      I updated, but it didn't fix my issue. Once it gets to the animated text it slows and freezes after effects until the frame is rendered and after the frame has rendered the estimated time goes up by 4-5 minutes.

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                        Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        The estimated time remaining should go up if a frame takes longer to render. This is actually an indication that everything is working correctly.


                        Has the composition accidentally been set to use the ray-traced renderer instead of the standard renderer?

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                          jerrrye30393694 Level 1

                          Well after trying many different things SOMEHOW I got it to work, but the way I got it to work was by removing the animation on just the first sentence. I just had it fade in instead of flipping and it rendered the movie in a standard time for my PC. What could this mean?

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                            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            There might be a clue if we saw the structure of the pre-comp that contains the first sentence. I'm also not understanding your comp structure very well. It looks like you put all of the animated text in a comp and did some animation there. I can only assume that this animation involved 3D layers, Then you built up a Final comp with a background layer, a Logo, your animated lyrics and added a camera. The logo and the lyrics layer were made 3D but collapse transformations was turned off. This means that the camera no longer would interact with the nested comps and their elements would be treated as a movie, Then you brought your Final comp into a comp named Comp 1 made the final comp a 3D layer and added a light. This is a very odd workflow.


                            The normal way that one would handle nested or pre-composed layers with 3D elements would be to turn on collapse transformations and keep the camera and the lights in the main comp (final comp) so that the camera and lights would interact with the 3D layers in the nested layers.


                            My usual way to work on a project like this is to create each layer that I'm going to animate in their final position as 2D layers, each phrase I want to group is trimmed to the appropriate segment of audio, I then sequence the groups so they generally fit the timing of the audio, then turn all layers in the sequence 3D and add a camera. I then start with the first group and animate each element in the group as needed, If I want to add camera motion also I'll do it now. When a group is complete I'll pre-compose that group and collapse transformations, then move on the the next group. When all the groups are complete for the sequence I'll add lights as needed. This technique gives me the most flexibility to make changes in timing and keeps everything organized in a way so AE makes the most efficient use of it's rendering power and doesn't waste time calculating things that don't matter.


                            I'm guessing that there is something going on in your nested Lyrics comp that is wonky and that's where the problem lies. Without seeing what's going on in there and what the properties of the layer causing problems are it's impossible to guess what went wrong in the structure of the comp.