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    Im having problems with the crop tool (r).  No gridlines to help straigthen and a blue screen with a white cross can appear.  Any suggestions to change this?


      When I first downloaded and used LIghtroom on trial it was fine.  Now when Pressing 'R'  the usual thirds guidelines do not show up.  When wanting to straighten an image usually the grid lines come up but now they don't.

      Also after using the R tool more than twice on most images it just changes to a blue screen with white triangles on it and then I cannot crop or straighten anything.  Very strange.

      I have used Lightroom before for many years but this is strange and I cannot change it back.  I have looked at everything I can think of and I do not know why it changed itself.

      Any help would be gratefully received.  It is on trial at present and I wont be purchasing it until I can work out what has happened.

      Thanks  Karen