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    Dreamweaver CC 2105 "internal data error - failed to receive network data"

    wasomeone Level 1

      I have not seen this error before, and have used Dreamweaver for many years. But, I am getting it very regularly (it is more than intermittent) since the last Dreameaver update. I am trying to ascertain if it is a Dreamweaver bug, or a Yahoo Web Hosting bug.


      What happens is that I connect to my website over SFTP (sometimes I cannot even connect), and then try to upload a file and get the message "An FTP error occurred - cannot make connection to host. Internal data error. Failed to connect to server.".


      However, and this is the really, really bad bit, the file that WAS on the server (i.e. the one that was to be replaced) seems to be REMOVED, i.e. *before* the update is applied (which it isn't because of the error). I don't know if Dreamweaver is somehow doing this or not, but it means that if you were, say, uploading a revision to your site's top level index.html file, that file is no longer there and any visitor to your site then sees the *entire* file structure of your site - potentially catastrophic.


      I have tried clearing the Dreamweaver cache (http://www.dmxzone.com/go/16740/clearing-dreamweaver-s-cache/) but that makes no difference.


      Is anyone else getting this or has found a solution to it (or identified where the problem is)?


      Thanks in advance!