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    LR CC Win10 10240 printing problem


      I am using the RTM Win10 and the latest Lightroom CC on a system where everything is working correctly




      Lightroom printing.


      I have the latest Canon Win10 printer driver for my ip8750 A3+ printer. This installed correctly and works correctly for all apps  (including PS CC) except LR CC.


      This is the issue. In Devices & Printers I can set up the driver defaults such as paper size. In LR I go to the Print module and select "Printer" to check the driver preferences. LR displays a different preferences to the one in Devices & Printers.


      The settings are different.


      If I correct them and ensure preview is selected, the preview shows the image at the wrong size. There is no way to correct this as there is in PS where you have handles to drag the image to fit the paper. If I do go on to print the print is as the LR preview - the wrong size.


      Lightroom seems to be accessing a different printer driver. However I've totally eradicated all traces of Canon from my PC and then reinstalled the driver with the same result. I also reinstalled Win10 at one point.