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    paid membership is converted to Free !

    manishk28670316 Level 1


      i am frm india. am in my first month of paid membershp.

      i bcam paid on 29th june.

      today on 24th jul 15.01pm , i hv a mail from adobe cc team stating that my membrshp is convrtd frm paid to free.

      reason given is- 'because we were unable to bill the credit card on file. '


      1 i chkd my card details - they are ok.

      2. i spoke to bank - they said no such request sighted on my card.

      3. one humble question- when my billing dare is 29th why adobe trying to draw payment on 24th.

      4. mine is visa debit card & not a credit card as mentioned in mail - so may be that could b the reason for transactn failure.

      5. whatever is the issue - adobe should hv communicated to me b4 convertng my mmbrshp.


      concerned authorities pls help.