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    Importing 2 Aperture libraries into 1 LR catalog?


      Hi experts:


      I just finished an import of my Aperture library into Lightroom - about 57K photos/versions total. Unfortunately some of my images (about 5K of them) were missing/offline - I use referenced files in Aperture - and so they didn't import into LR catalog.


      So, here is my plan...but I wanted to see if this is a good idea or a bad one. I'm creating a smart album now in Aperture of all the missing files and I'll reconnect them. Once I do that, I was planning to save that as a new catalog, then import this new catalog into LR. I have two related questions:


      1. First, does this sound like a good plan or will it possibly screw up my existing catalog of 50K images in LR?
      2. If I do this, will it duplicate existing folders in the catalog or will it move the newer library images into existing files? As a simple example - let's say that folder "A" contains images 1.NEF and 2.NEF. For whatever reason, "1" got imported and "2" did not. This means I have folder "A" that contains only 1.NEF. When I import the missing images, will it result in one "A" that has 1.NEF, and a 2nd "A" that has 2.NEF? If so, is there an easy way to merge them together?


      As a side note, I am loathe to start the import again for all 57K images from my Aperture library. The import ran for about 2.5 days - and I don't want to re-run it. Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.