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    Setting Up Printing Double Page Photo Spread Case Bound?



      I have designed a photobook in InDesign and am trying to get it ready for print but am a bit unclear on how to handle the double page spreads and can't seem to find a clear and concise answer anywhere - when setting the book up for printing, how can I minimalize the cropping that's going to occur when the book is bound? I am looking to have it lay flat case bound, but am aware that there will still likely be cropping across the gutter. I have seen some suggestions stating doing a 1/8 bleed would suffice but this has been suggested for perfect bound books and I've not been able to find any answers in relation to case bound books. Any help or advice would be great! Almost the entire book is reliant on single images full bleed across two pages, so I really want to make sure I do it correctly!

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          We can give you general advice here but you really need to talk to the printer about it.

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            Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

            As Bob said, talk to your printer.


            But some general points to think about. Traditional case-bound books are not normally perfect bound* ; they are printed in sections, (the number depending on the trimmed page size and the printer's printing machines), such as 16 or 32 page sections. The sections are subsequently sewn together.


            Set up your InDesign document as facing pages, plus bleed (no bleed in the fold and place your double page pictures across the two pages.


            When the book is finished and ready for printing, supply a PDF to your printer, probably single pages (not spreads) as a PDF/X-4 and ask your printer if they want trim marks included. These and other printers marks can be selected when you export to PDF.


            You need to decide whether you're having self or separate endpapers. (I'll explain those terms if you want).


            Are you going to have a separate loose jacket or a cased in one? The cover is printed separately on heavier stock (paper).


            * Binding may be different with photo-books from places like Photobox.