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    deleted the opm.db file now completley messed up!!!


      I, like many others, have been getting constant nag screens telling me to license my programs. I have a full CC license and each time I am asked I enter the info.


      But... I get this request every time I open a program, I don't know how many times I have complied with the request.


      The help forums are full of this problem and one solution was to delete the opm.db file. This is not easy, you have to stop all adobe services before you can delete the file and then re start.  Fine so far..  but now all my programs are locked to 'trail only' and when going on-line to ny adobe ID I'm no longer registered as having any programs licensed.


      So Adobe are taking my money and not only did U have a huge prolem using them, by following their suggestions I now have no programs.


      But Adobe are still taking my money....


      I have tried getting through to customer support but after two hours of waiting I still have no reply.


      Any thoughts anyone?