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    How can I keep an animation within an animated screen moving while keeping the shape of the screen?


      Okay, so I've got a problem that I need a simple fix for. I'm in After Effects CC 2014 and I've got a animation with a screen. The screen moves into position and stops. It's green-screened so I've placed my image in there. The only problem is, my image has an animation of it's own. It scrolls from the top to the bottom. How can I keep it set to the perspective of the screen, while preventing huge distortion throughout the animation? I've tried using Corner Pin, but it distorts it heavily and having to fix it each key frame makes it too cartoony and horrible.

      The included image shows the screen that I have the other image set in. Now, the image inside the screen is what is scrolling from the bottom to the top. I have used Corner Pin to match the perspective for this one keyframe, but I'm struggling to keep the perspective of the whole image correct while the image scrolls upwards. It's really bothering me and I need a quick fix... Please assist.