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    Lightroom Not Recognizing JPGs


      I'm using Lightroom CC 2015.1 Release


      I created a new Catalog specifically for my new camera, a Sony RX100M4. I know the M4's RAW format is not supported yet, but I'm shooting RAW+JPG. I use the Sony PlayMemories software to import the photos into a folder on my hard drive, then I import the photos from my hard drive into the Lightroom catalog. The photos are separated into folders by date. At first I tried selecting the main RX100M4 import folder and selecting "Include Subfolders", but after checking through the imported photos a bunch were missing. So next I tried selecting a particular date's folder, and I realized that Lightroom doesn't even see the JPGs. If you see the attached photo, you can clearly see that on my hard drive there are 8 files in that folder, 4 RAW and 4 JPGs. Lightroom is only seeing the RAW files. Does anyone know a fix for this? Maybe I am doing something wrong.