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    Max speed for scroller wheel

    Level 7
      I am using this scroller wheel and a weird things seems to happen. When
      you click over on the masthead image to the left of the swf, it goes
      really fast! That part is not even Flash file anymore. Is that something
      that can be caped? How can this be?
      File is here:

      The speed inside the file gets set like so:

      this._visible = true;
      // speed at start
      var speed=.5;

      // speed by mousemove
      if ((_root._ymouse<100) || (500<_root._ymouse)) {
      speed = speed*0.9;
      } else {
      speed = (0-_xmouse)/150;

      Is there a way to create a maxspeed that the file will not go beyond?

      And why could clicking outside the file affect the file?

      Thanks for any help!