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    A backup question from an Aperture user.


      I have finally bit the bullet and imported all my pictures over from aperture to Lightroom, and  i am getting used to moving folders and sorting etc all is going well. I have read many methods of backing up the Catalogue files and  i use the dropbox method for safety as many off the forum replies state using this method is the best. My problem is this in a couple of months i will be purchasing my new Mac, am  i correct in thinking i will simply download Lightroom on new machine, then my Catalog file, then i will re-install all photos keeping them in the same DIR structure and Lightroom will then display all my previews edits etc when  i point it to the correct loc of the photos. I have read many threads on this and find it a bit confusing and i am putting in weeks of work to correctly Catalogue my photo collection of about 10,000 pictures.