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    Can't combine 2 folders


      First of all, I organize my catalog with many folders, it is just the way I started 2 years ago and see no reason to change.


      The problem ---

      I am not sure how, but I have two folders (each with many subfolders) called Florida 2015. One is inside my LR photo folder while the other is a subfolder of 2015 which is also in the LR photo folder.


      I have a folder within the folder I keep all my images called 2015. Inside it I have a subfolder called Florida 2015. I just noticed I have a second folder called Florida 2015 on the same level as 2015. I am not sure what I did to get two. However, I only want one. I looked at a subfolder in each Florida 2015 called - bittern.

      In 1 I see images I will call 1tif, 2tif, 3nef, 4tif, and 5nef.

      The other one has 1nef, 2nef, and 3 tif, 6nef, and 6tif.


      It seems like a can move (within LR of course) the 1nef. 2nef, 3nef, 6nef, and 6 tif into the other folder and then remove the empty folder. But, when I try I get the message the files are already there.


      So I looked at the folders in the finder and both of my bittern folders have all 10 images in them.


      My question:

      Why aren't they showing up in LR?


      Library filter is set to show all file types.


      How can I get all images in 1 folder.


      TIA for any help. I hope the question wasn't too confusing. Aak me to explain further if need be.