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    Local library vs. OpenLibrary.org - conflict!


      I have been using ADE (now 4.0.3) for years at my local library.  I began using OpenLibrary.org and now am unable to return books to the local library.  I was forced to deauthorize and then reauthorize my computer to get OpenLibrary to work.  Now at the local library, returning books results in Error message: Unable to Return - E_Bad_Loan_ID.  ADE is the vehicle for downloads with both organizations.  I need help with fixing this problem.  Thanks in advance.  (PC running Win 8.1)

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          I found the answer!  When I reauthorized my computer the links between the books checked out at my local library were broken.  I needed to open my library account, download each book (again) and then go to the Library page in ADE, highlight the broken links (in my case, earlier dates so they were easy to differentiate) right click, select Remove From Library and my list was clean.  Of course, the books had to be returned one at a time.

          After reading many of the other posts regarding E_Bad_Loan_ID, this may work to correct some of those other problems described.