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    unable to update my payment info


      So, this problem has been with me since I wanted to sign up for the CC. Here goes


      Your payment process does not work on any browser I use. I keep getting the same error. The billing address does not match the card or something like that.


      I made a call about a month ago when I started to get the alert that you havent been able to charge my card since I got a new one. I tried to enter the info, but your system wont allow me to do so.

      So, I called it in, the agent on the line reassured me that problem was resolved. Well, it didn't/


      Last night I called again, went through the same process online, then I called. I was given a secure link to renter the card number and exp date. Agent again reassured me that it is resolved and that I had to wait 24hours to see the change.


      Well, it didnt work AGAIN.


      Do you guys want my money or not? This is getting tiring.