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    Is this saying sym.$() gets changed to something else if you load in the full jQuery library?

    pittsburgh_joe Level 3

      Can someone please explain this like I'm five?


      "If you include jQuery as an external script in your composition, then Edge Animate Runtime redefines AdobeEdge.$ to jQuery and starts using the same internally. Thus any of the Edge Animate APIs which returns a wrapper, will now return a wrapper of type AdobeEdge.$. However, if jQuery is included in the composition as an external script, or is loaded before the edge runtime in the html page then the APIs will return a jQuery wrapper."

      Is this only concerning return values? So instead of a return of: someEdgeElement.$ it will instead be $(someEdgeElement)

      so, all in all ..you don't have to change your syntax when you import the full jQuery library?