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    Facing Pages Issue (Graphic Design Student)

    Picaru Winchester

      Greetings all, I have finally decided to seek help online with a problem I have been having with InDesign for a little while now. I cannot find the solution to my issue online and have exhausted all of my own trouble-shooting ideas and still have not been able to fix what is wrong.


      What I mean is this:

      Whenever I create a new document with multiple pages, the very first two page spread is non-existent. Meaning, it does this:


      Creating and applying master pages has not worked thus far and I am not sure how to correct this problem so that the first and last pages are two page spreads like how the rest are. Any and all help is more than appreciated.


      (Also, please forgive me if my terminology isn't quite right. I'm still learning all the vocabulary, haha. I also apologize if I offend anyone with this question if it's a simple fix. InDesign is a bit of a challenge for me at present, but I am trying to improve as much as possible.)