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    preloader for a scrollPane?

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      hey all,

      i'm loading a large (250k) movie into a scrollPane, and am having serious issues trying to get a preloader to work in any fashion. i've tried placing the preloader in the root level, but the scrollpane forces the 250k to export on first frame to be functional, thus making the preloader useless. i tries also to put a preloader into the loaded 250k movie, but that made no difference. is there a way around this, or are users just going to have to wait on faith for the blank scrollpane to populate itself?

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          once again, i answer my own question. i found out that the preloader wasn't working because the inherent nature of "Export for ActionScript" necessary for amking a movie loadable into a ScrollPane loads that content at the very beginning. if you go into the publish settings for the Flash output and click on the Settings button next to the ActionScript Version selector, you can set which frame of the movie you want to expert frames for classes to. set this to frame 3 (most preloaders take up the first two frames), and suddenly the preloader functions fine.