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    When I had Lightroom open, we lost power and the computer shut down. When I restarted it and Lightroom I had lot about 4 months of work in Lightroom. I went to "File" and clicked on Catalog Recents. Ther are 5 links to different catalogs with different da

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      After the computer and Lightroom was restarted I had lost about 4 months worth of work in Lightroom. I clicked on "File" and than most recents. There are five catalogs listed there, four backups with different dates and one that is not a backup. When I click on the one that is not a backup and relaunch Lightroom it comes back to the catalog with the lost work. If I click on the backup catalog with a date of last week all is there except work from last week. I thought I only had one catalog? Should I delete the others under file and just use the one with the lost work from last week?