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    Libraries in InDesign CS6


      I'm an intermediate user of InDesign and I have been creating photo albums of my two young sons.  To make the job easier as I create and print more photo books, I have decided to save my templates in a library.  As you can imagine, the library is starting to get rather large (over 50 template spreads).  I have been naming them different names to keep them organized, but I was wondering if I could organize them into folders within the library (for example...a folder for title pages, a folder for division pages, a folder for a page with 3 photos, a folder for a page with 4 photos, etc).


      It seems that that capability was available in older versions of InDesign, but I can't seem to find it in CS6.  Did Adobe get away with that capability?  Is there another way to organize them?  There is something called "show subset" in the library, but when I click on that it only brings up a window to search my library based on certain parameters. 


      Please help.  Thanks,