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    "unknown errors occurred" when trying to use Photo Merge in LR CC

    jr42 Level 1

      Using LR CC on OS X 10.10.4.   Whenever I try to use the 'Photo Merge' command for either panorama or HDR I get an error message saying "unknown errors occurred".  If I take the images into PS as tiffs, then merge to pano or HDR works fine, but I want to use LR to keep dng files.  I raised this issue on a chat session with Adobe on May 22 when I was told it would be fixed in next release of LR CC -- next release didn't fix issue, I still get same error  (case #0186669986).  Raised issue again in another chat session with Adobe rep on July 16 -- as requested, I uploaded a set of my images that generate the error, but have had no response (case #0186848023).  Have had no response from Adobe to this issue, how do I get it resolved? -- are there any fixes out there?



      John Eaton