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    startDrag issues

    blemmo Level 1
      Hi people,

      are there any known issues with startDrag in classes? I am working on a custom scroller class, and want to build a dragable scrollbar. However, the MC won't become dragable at all. I don't understand what's wrong here, any hints?
      The class gets an MC when it's instantiated, which is the MC containing the buttons and scrollbar. Here's the code that won't work:
      private function onPress():Void
      // ...
      else if (this.mc.scrollbar.scrollrect.hitTest(_xmouse, _ymouse, false))
      startDrag(this.mc.scrollbar.scrollrect, false);
      // this.mc.scrollbar.scrollrect.startDrag(false); // also not working
      The trace appears, but the MC stays in place. What's wrong?