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    LR CC: Brush problems - weird selections!


      Hey all,


      For about a week, I'm experiencing some frustrating problems with certain brushes. I have created a brush which I've been using for a year. Since last week, rather than just painting the effect where I want it, the brush selects large, rectangular selections.het


      This occurs whether I have "mask" selected or not. The same thing happens when I choose "erase;" the brush cannot erase what I'm attempting to paint over, but selects large, triangular areas.


      At the same time, the spot removal tool has begun to act weirdly: if I attempt to clean up a spot near the edge of an image, the brush jumps to it's largest diameter and makes a totally random selection.


      I've done all the updates for CC, and nothing else has been added/deleted to my CPU. I'm windows-based and there was a Windows update at about the same time this stuff started happening, but I don't want to draw conclusions without evidence.


      Anyone else having this issue?