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    Color Keying in Flash Pro CC


      I'm a long time Flash user and know my way around versions from MX2004 Pro to around CS3, so I'm quite familiar with how masking works, but I'm diving into CC2014 after a few years away, so I'm looking to the community to see if there are any new features I'm unaware of that might relate to what I'm doing.


      Is it possible to define a mask based on color instead of shape? Essentially, what I'm looking to do is a simple chroma key based on a single fill color of symbols on multiple layers. The symbols will pass in front of each other, so the shape of the keyed color will change in a fairly complex manner.


      What I could do is make duplicate layers with all the keyframe info for symbols with the color I want to generate chroma key from, flatten them to the same layer, break them out of symbols, and merge all the colors into a single shape, for every frame. I'd basically be baking out the color info in a way that it can be defined as a layer mask, but this wold be an incredibly tine and labor intensive process that would have to be repeated from the beginning after any changes were made to the original animation - something I'd rather not do.


      Does anyone know if a way to mask based on color exists?