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    How to Edit Photos in LR4 from ID CS6?

    Greg Grosz Level 1

      I am laying out a book with mainly photos and I would like to open photos, that I've already laid out in ID CS6, in LR 4.4.  The pulldown menu alllows me to choose PS but I don't see any way to get the photo to open in LR.  Is there a way to do get ID to open photos in LR?

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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          LR doesn't open photos, you have to import them from within LR.

          If the photos you have placed in ID were exported from LR, do the necessary edits on the source files in LR, then export them again, and overwrite the originals.

          The links panel in ID will now show a yellow triangle next to the filenames. Right click, and choose Update Link.


          If the photos do not originate from LR, I suggest that you import them in LR (originals, not small files you might have placed in ID), and export them with correct size and resolution, and then place them in your layout.