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    Mocha Tracks Movement, but XY values don't track in After Affects


      I'm working on a project where I have to fix the way a gun looks in someone's hand.  I have to track a hand holding a gun, and then place a replacement firearm over the top.  I tracked the hand/gun in a wideshot using Mocha and that worked almost perfectly.


      Then I move to the close up.  I track the gun in Mocha again -- the tracking appears to work perfectly; the splines move exactly with the gun.  When I copy the tracking data over to After Effects, the XY values of the position, the scale, and the rotation all match up with the first tracked frame, but they don't continue to track.


      For example, the first tracked frame's XY values are:

      349.5, 226.0


      Then every single frame after that is

      349.5, 226.0


      They don't move.


      What's going on?