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    can't import photos


      First time user but not inexperienced with other software of this type like Aperture. I am trying to load photos from a file folder in Lightroom. The dialog says Importing and the line moves and then stops and no photos are imported . I am using the "move" setting to load them.

      Re booted etc to no avail. HELP!!

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          mikaels71195823 Level 1

          In Lightroom and library module you should see two buttons at lower left that says export and import, click on the import and then choose the folder that contains your photos. Then uncheck the ones you don't want to import, then you've got a new import button in lower right side, click and it will import you photos.

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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            Since you are moving the files, check your destination folder for typos in the name, and using Finder check the permissions on the folder to make sure you have READ and WRITE access.