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    Errors Creating Java Stub for COM Object

    JR "Bob" Dobbs-qSBHQ2 Level 3
      I have a .NET assembly that I have exposed through COM. I am able to use the object with cfobject. I would like to create a java stub for ColdFusion 7. I have used the com2java tool to create the .java files from the .tlb for the com object, but am recieving error messages when I try to compile them.

      Command used: javac -J-mx100m -J-ms100m *.java -classpath C:\CFusionMX7\lib\jintegra.jar

      _ConnectProxy.java:26: illegal start of expression
      static { .JIntegraInit.init(); }
      IeConnectHelperProxy.java:26: illegal start of expression
      static { .JIntegraInit.init(); }
      2 errors

      My platform is Windows 2003, ColdFusion 7.02

      Any help is appreciated.