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      Im very familiar with CS5 and ACR and Bridge on my 64bit W7 machine. However I've downloaded CC PS, CC LR, and CC BRIDGE : Bridge doesnt open and  LR wont "see" my pre-existing images. The sliders  are the same on CS5 ACR and CC LR, only the background  colour is different. Whats wrong with the CC?

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          dj_paige Level 9

          Lightroom doesn't "see" your photos? Exactly what steps are you following? What happens when you try? What is the error message? (By the way, in case this is the issue: Lightroom is not a file browser, it doesn't know about photos that are on your hard disks, the photos must be imported into Lightroom which means that you are specifically telling Lightroom where the photos are, it does not mean that the photos are now physically stored in Lightroom)


          LR sliders have different background colour than Bridge sliders? That's what is supposed to happen.

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            davidp96473915 Level 1

            I launch LR and go to  an external drive ( G in this example), then click on a folder of images which show in dark misty grey. I click check all , but no ticks appear. I click on copy  and to Drive C/ my pictures.but nothing happens.


            On one occasion it replied that the images were not Photoshop images, even though they'd been saved there  through CS5 and saved as CR2, tiff or jpg.


            Not worried about the different colour background on the sliders in LR and ACR, they're fine and operate as they should on recent images that are newly saved in external drives.

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              dj_paige Level 9

              The grey images indicate the photos have previously been imported into Lightroom, and so there's no need to import them again. Just find these photos in the Library Module and then perform whatever tasks you want on them.

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                davidp96473915 Level 1

                Clicking one of them does now open it on the screen, but how can I get it into LR to work on it please?

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                  dj_paige Level 9

                  What does this mean? Where are you clicking? What is the context? 


                  Did you look in your Lightroom Library Module for the photos, as  I said?

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                    davidp96473915 Level 1

                    Yes Im in the library but I dont know how to get the image into the develop module

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                      Benjamin Root MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      Once you have imported an image into the LR library, select the image and open the Develop module.



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                        dj_paige Level 9

                        davidp96473915 wrote:


                        Yes Im in the library but I dont know how to get the image into the develop module

                        In the library, after you select an image, you can press letter D, or click on the word Develop near the top right.