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    Double click

      Hi, I am a new Adobe Captivate 2 user . I'm using the trial edition.
      The problem is: when double clicking the left button of the mouse during a registration, Captivate doesn't work well.
      Runnig the so generated presentation, the mouse anticipate its movement of one slide.

      Can someone help me?

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          CatBandit Level 3
          Sounds like you have timing issues and they can be very difficult to isolate and fix without access to the CP (project) file.

          Is this a file you are at liberty to send to others? If so send it along. If it is too large for email attachments, you can use on-line file utilities - let me know if that will b e necessary.

          Welcome aboard the community!
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            manonèpossibile Level 1
            I'm sending a mail to you with the cp files.
            The first one is colled doubleClick and the second one singleClick.
            The first shows what heppens if I open a sequence of menu double clicking on them
            The second one performs the same actions, but opening the menu with a single click.

            Unfortunately, same actions of the presentation can't be performed with a single click, so I need to solve this problem

            Let me know if you'll find a solution to my problem.

            Thanks so mutch in advance for your help