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    Lightroom sync to Mobile doesn't work and hangs




      I recently took out a CC Photography contract and one of the things that has attracted me to it is using mobile Lightroom along with desktop Lightroom, but I can't get this working. Every time I create a collection and Lightroom desktop attempts to sync, it just hangs saying 'syncing x photos' where x is the number of photos in the collection and never goes down. If I go and look at the link provided on adobe.ly for publicly sharing the photos it comes up with a screen showing that there should be a number of images there, but every single one is shown a a place holder icon of a cloud with an exclamation mark in it, which if you click on any of them states 'image unavailable'. If I look in my Lightroom mobile tab of the Preferences dialogue it states that all the photos are synced.


      Having searched for solutions to similar problems to this I have tried the following:


      Re-installed Lightroom and CC - No difference in behaviour,

      Selected 'Delete all Data' from the Lightroom mobile tab - this did delete everything but didn't resolve the issue,

      I have re-installed Lightroom and removed the whole of 'C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom\Caches' between installs thinking that the removal of 'Sync.lrdata' might fix it - No difference in behaviour.


      At this point I am stumped! Is there any way to find out what is causing it to hang and get it going again!




      Andy J.