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    Does anyone know if the software for Nikon D5500 has been updated for LR Use?


      Hello ..I am shooting with a Nikon D7000 which is a bit too much for me as I need something that is more Entry Level and was interested in purchasiing a Nikon D5500 and was doing research on the camera reviews when I came upon this:


      Any computer is nothing without the software. Currently, all digital cameras are is another computer, albiet able to capture light and process that capture as an image. Once captured we all end up using one form or another of software. Some of this is built into the camera and is transparent as we use it, as all software should be. BUT, i specifically want to use ADOBE products, LIGHTROOM to be specific. This camera and its NEF format for RAW pictures is a total waste if you want to use Lightroom. Nikon and Adobe are working together like Microsoft and Google...all to the loss of the customer. I would return the camera if i could and buy a different brand, verifying first that it is compatible with Lightroom. Total waste as i have no way to use the NEF except with nikon's own VERY WEAK software. Very sad. I tried GIMP too, and it will NOT use NEF files without much hacking with plug ins, that are horrible to work with in the program. I LOVE THE CAMERA, hate the attitude of NIKON. CAUTION, recommendation is only if you are going to use JPEG and never need the NEF to do anything with except take up room on your hard drive.

      I really liked the fact that the D5500 was an easy camera to  operate, but I do use Lightroom and Photoshop....and shoot RAW and also want the 24 pixels and really loved the touch screen and built in wi-fi. I shoot mostly wildlife and Birds   I am open to any suggestions on other camera's but have to sell my D7000 first and then keep it in the same ball park around $700-800 hopefully with a lens or two..any info out there would really be appreciated!  thanks so much!