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    Is there a way to open a project from a newer version of AE without getting that version?


      This may seem like an impossible question but I'm going to ask anyway because I'm at the end of my rope.


      I was working on a project last night on a computer at work and when I tried to open it today on my home computer I got this error message: Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 10.34.26 AM.png

      I didn't know this would happen because whenever I save AEP files it doesn't usually ask about what version to save as, or maybe the option to save as a legacy version was there the whole time and I didn't see it. Anyways, I was under the impression that AEP files were universal like PSDs even though certain features might not be available depending on how new your program is.


      My work computer runs OSX Lion using Adobe CC 2014, while my home computer runs OSX10.7.5 (Snow Leopard I think) and Adobe CS5 v10. Therefore, when I tried downloading a trial of AECC it didn't work because I don't meet the system requirements.


      Is there any way to get around this without me having to commute back to the office just to re-render a 30 second video?